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William White in 1930 and Banjogeoffrey more recently

My Dad, "Uncle Bill" White was a banjo player in Tennessee, USA in the 1930's so I come from a long tradition. I picked up the banjo in 1965 and never put it down! You can learn a new style and be playing in just a few short weeks...follow me and you can do it...START!

Discover and learn the latest banjo style -"Pick-Hammer" from Dreamtree Studios!

Frustrated by slow-to-learn banjo styles where a tune can take weeks, even MONTHS to perfect? You can learn an easier way...a new TWO-Finger style that can have you playing FAST ! Imagine the delight on the faces of your friends and family when you play a tune on this FANTASTIC instrument ! You CAN learn " Pick-Hammer " and dazzle your friends and family...and yourself!

I developed "Pick-Hammer" banjo out of the frustration of learning banjo the hard way at an early age over 40 years ago . My greatest problem was how long it took to play decently and how my friends and family would tease and carry on when I couldn't play what they wanted to hear. Well, you don't have to endure THAT...AND you can be playing proudly and tell your critics where to go. You can play this WONDERFUL instrument and you can do it EASILY. Just follow my series of instructional videos and you will play well and QUICKLY, as long as you practice and have the patience to take this seriously. You want to play? Well you CAN...TRUST me and I will show you how. LOTS of people will attest to this because I have been teaching this style to private students for a LONG time. You are invited to learn this now... take your first lesson as a gift from Dreamtree Studios! Click PLAY NOW to start.

Buy your second lesson below for just A$3.97

Buy your 4-lesson block below for just A$14.97 and receive 4 bonus lessons!

Buy a 10-lesson block for A$34.97 and receive up to 10 bonus lessons!

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After you receive your gift lesson and pay for your next lesson or block of lessons, you will be e-mailed an invoice along with a link or links to your lesson(s). Complete each lesson and move forward, step by step! If you practice and move forward steadily, building up your skills and your confidence, in time you will ARRIVE at a new level...that's called a BREAKTHROUGH...when that happens, let's celebrate together with a tune!

Arabic Space Caravan

00:00 / 03:20

Holly At Electric Hollow

00:00 / 03:42

Electric Celtic Dreamer

00:00 / 03:17

The Ghost of Falmouth Passage Electric

00:00 / 02:31

Holly , Judith & me

00:00 / 02:43

Clinch Mountain Backstep

00:00 / 02:48

BlackBerry Blast

00:00 / 02:01
00:00 / 03:01
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